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Don't use a central "dev" server

One of the most overlooked areas of software development surrounds source code control of databases.
Often, developers make the mistake of housing their database on a central "DEV" server.
This is far from ideal, as the database becomes very brittle, i.e. easy to break.

What is really needed is a local copy of the database for each Developer.

  • What version of the database am I working on ?
  • Can I have a local version of the database ?
  • When I'me finished with my changes, can I check in a particular version of a stored procedure / function / view / table definition.
  • Will my changes break existing stored procedures / functionality.
  • How do I restore a database to a particular state.
  • How do I re-create only specific tables / views / stored procedures in a local version that are particular to my work?

How DBSourceTools helps
  • Point DBSourceTools at a database, and it will script all database objects to file, in a simple directory structure.
  • Specify a Target database, and DBSourceTools will create an Installation script.
  • DBSourceTools maintains a dependency tree, ensuring that Tables and Data are created and loaded in the correct sequence.

Building on the concepts presented by Visual Studio, DBSourceTools accomplishes the following:

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