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feature request

Sep 21, 2009 at 9:47 AM

Hi Nathan, I was looking for a tool like DBSourceTools for a long time. Looks good so far. I think it would be great if added:

  • command line parameters to load project file ( <project>.dbsp ) and Database settings file (<project>.xml )  - I think it would solve Visual Studio integration
  • option to delete from disk files corresponding to missing database objects when "Loading from Database" - maybe this is done allready and I am missing it?
Thank You in advance
Sep 21, 2009 at 1:51 PM

Hey Catalin,

Thanks for your feedback.

In terms of your request, it should be rather easy to put in place the command line parameters ( point 1).

I can also put in a global option to delete missing files, but I have resisted the urge for a very simple reason:

Often during development, when changes are coming thick and fast, by mistake you delete a stored procedure which you have spent a lot of time on, then load from database, and realise your error.

While it's easy to say that it should have been committed earlier rather than later, I prefer to only commit changes that will not break the build, and have already been in the situation where i've had one of those "please dont tell me I've deleted that file" moments.

For this reason, I would prefer to leave the files on disk - and manually delete them from source control later.

More importantly, though, I am interested in how you use the tool and what can make your life easier - i.e. what is causing you to want to delete files from disk ?

Maybe once I understand your need, we can agree on an approach to suit ?

Many thanks,

- Nathan




Sep 21, 2009 at 5:24 PM
Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the quick response.

First I should tell you that I am working alone using VB.NET 2008 Express and SQL Server 2008 Express. Both are free to use but missing some important features (in my opinion). So I use external tools integrated into VB IDE to fill the gap:
  • InnoSetup trough ISTool to build standalone exe setup
  • TaskCoach to keep tracking bugs, features, and working hours
  • Mercurial trough TortoiseHG for versioning purposes (not integrated into IDE) 
All are free and very good tools.

I also use xSQL Tools to compare database schema (free for SQL Express but limited to fewer objects per database) and generate update scripts. I am using xSQL to generate database structure script for versioning purposes (single file, difficult to compare different versions). DBSourceTools is a better alternative to this one. So I downloaded and tested it in tandem with TortoiseHG. This is how I noticed the two features that I would like to be added. The first one will solve IDE integration and would be easy to add.

About the second one, I get your point. It is frustrating to loose significant piece of hard worked code (I've been there too). You too are right about it. I just want to avoid having to write down on a piece of paper to later delete file A and B from folder X before commiting source to the repository if a tool can do that for me. Used in tandem with a local versioning system (like Mercurial), it should be no problem in deleting the files on disk associated with deleted database objects. Usually, when reaching stable code version (code or database structure), I commit it to the local repository. Periodically, for backup purposes I also sincronize the local repository with an central repository located on external data store.
So I think the second feature can be implemented as optional (default value to not delete files). Anyway if you decide not to add it, it is ok with me. I can use a batch to delete all the files on disk and then launch DBSourceTools from IDE. After launching DBSourceTools I will read structure from database and that would solve my "problem". So do not stress about the second feature. It's secondary. :)

Thank You for your time.

P.S. And sorry for my english.

Sep 22, 2009 at 2:44 AM
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Sep 22, 2009 at 7:26 AM
Hi Nathan.
DBSP file loading works great. IDE Integration solved.
Thank You