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Deploy target error

I ran this app on window 10 and i got an issue as attached file. Data dose not apply in the target database.

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Write Targets

There's a bug in the Write Targets function that pops up when the source database name happens to be the same as a word in one of the scripts. It looks like what's happening is a simple string repl...

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Windows 10 support

please add windows 10 support!

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Problem in ProgressForm.cs, SetProgress method

Hey! I was trying this software but I ran into a problem, I could not fully generate the files from a database when it had more than 4 synonyms. For some reason the progress bar would go over the...

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External DLLs not included (StructureMap, StructureMap.Net4, nunit)

Hi I downloaded the sourcecode and opened it with VS2012. Obviously the Install project wont load, but the solution wont compile, most of the projects are missing StructureMap, StructureMap.Net4,...

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Issue with full-text catalog and extended property

Full-text catalog ['AW2008FullTextCatalog'] and Extended Property ['AdventureWorks 2012 Sample OLTP Database' ] from AdventureWorks 2012 are not scripted out by DBSourceTools Due to the missing ful...

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Data Export bug

Version 1.3.1 on Windows 7 with SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer Export of data is not done to disk when using update from database after changes even with script data set in the project and a checkb...

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Slow as others have mentioned, must be something machine specific?

v1.3.0 It takes 25 seconds to load a very simple "select all" stored procedure that is 10 lines long. The project is on the large side (786 sprocs) but. ... .seems like shouldn't be a problem? ...

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Intellisense doesn't work initially after install. When it does, db fields are preceded by "]."

v1.3.0 Using Ctrl-space doesn't provide any intellisense. This is after install, loading of objects from sql 2005 db and opening a stored procedure. I got it to work by changing default setting ...

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Compare Schemas 'add' button results in 'Access to path denied' exception

If I go to 'compare database schemas', and try and 'add' a new schema, having entered info and successfully connected to the database (local or remote, it doesn't matter), clicking 'OK' results in ...

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