Compare Schemas 'add' button results in 'Access to path denied' exception


If I go to 'compare database schemas', and try and 'add' a new schema, having entered info and successfully connected to the database (local or remote, it doesn't matter), clicking 'OK' results in a pause and then the attached dialog being displayed; detailing 'System. UnauthorisedAccessException: Access to the path 'D:\Users\Russell\AppData\Local\DBSourceTools\DBSourceTools.config'. is denied' exception stack trace:

DBSourceToolsLib.UserSettings.SaveConfig(String strConfigFile)

I was going to post that i was stuck at this point; but i've just closed and reopened the 'compare database schemas' form and the db i wanted to add is now listed. So something is wrong; not sure what though.

This is the (one line) content of my DBSourceTools.config file is:
LastConfigFile=D:\Users\Russell\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\XxiantDSI System\database\DSi.dbsp

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rozentalsn wrote Jun 7, 2011 at 9:39 AM

Hi Rusty77,
Before a schema comparison takes place, your current config file is written to disk, to include the new database connection. DBSourceTools is having problems writing the DSi.dbsp file - check that it is not read-only, and that the file and directory structure actually exist.
  • Nathan.